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Congratulations! You have decided to switch to a sustainable period product, the menstrual cup.  

Menstrual cups come in different shapes and sizes just like your bra or shoes. So women keep searching for that perfect fit in order to feel most natural and comfortable during its wear. The wrong fitted cup can cause pain, leaks and discomfort, and for that, it is important to get to know your body a little more. 

So how do you know that a menstrual cup fits perfectly? By knowing the height of your cervix.  

Cervix: Where is it and how to find it? 

The cervix is a muscular canal that connects the vagina and uterus. It is divided into two parts; the ectocervix and the endocervix.  The endocervix is closer to the uterus, whereas the ectocervix bulges into the vaginal canal. The ectocervix has a small opening known as the cervical os. 

The cervical os of a woman who has never given birth will be closed or would have a narrow keyhole-like opening. For a woman who has given birth (vaginally), their cervical os will be slit-like.  

So, how do I find the cervix and measure its height? 

The height of the cervix varies according to the menstrual cycle phases.  

During ovulation, the cervix is typically high. That is because estrogen lifts the uterus upwards, pulling the cervix along with it. Right before your periods, the cervix is low.  

The best time to measure the height of your cervix is when you are on your periods because this is when you will be using your menstrual cup. It may feel icky, which is why it is best done in the shower.  

To find your cervix, you will be using the best tool at your disposal, your index finger. So, before you begin, make sure: 

  • your hands are clean 
  • to trim your nails or remove acrylic nails; you don't want to injure yourself in this process 

The horizontal lines on your finger (knuckle) will be the markers that help you measure the cervical height. You can also use a lubricant for more comfort.  

Now that you have your arsenals ready, it is time to get into position. Choose a comfortable position that gives easy access to your vagina: you can be squatting, sitting on the toilet, or have one foot up on the toilet seat or bathtub. 

Relax, take deep breathes, and slowly insert your finger; the vaginal walls will close around your finger, feeling like the inside of your cheek. Keep going until you reach a wall, a resistance of sorts; this is your cervix, its texture will be firm, and it will be positioned closer to your belly.  

Now observe how many knuckles you were able to insert until you reached the cervix. If you were able to insert one knuckle only, then this means that you have a low cervix and a short vaginal canal, meaning that a short menstrual cup will suffice.  

If you were able to insert two or more knuckles, then you have a high cervix and a long vaginal canal, meaning that you may need a longer menstrual cup that allows for easy insertion and removal.  

Good news! 

Our earthi menstrual kit comes with two cup sizes so that you can find your perfect fit. No need to guess! Why add discomfort to the heap of ever-growing menstrual cramps? You surely deserve a stress-free and feel good period! 

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